Key Person Experience

Mr Kuldip Singh Randhawa

Vast experience of 31 years in aviation industries with a total overall exposure to aircraft leasing, engineering discipline of both line and base, cargo and commercial and also responsible for aircraft accuisition and new/old delivery to airline, airport management and including aircraft search, negotiation with various lessor. Setup team for Sepang Aircraft Engineering (Airbus) MRO. Technical Consultant to Aercap (leasing company) base in Singapore (Dublin) and technical Consultant to Tiger Airways Singapore, carrying out delivery of 10 A320 to Indigo India. Was interim COO for Air Mandalay Yangon, successfully restructure the financial plan for Embraer


  • MCC Manager (Malindo)
  • Airworthiness Review Signatory ARS (Malindo)
  • Aviation Technical Rep (AerCap)
  • Interim CEO (Air Mandalay)
  • Tiger Airways Technical Consultant
    (Tiger Airways)
  • Maintenance Manager (MAI)
  • Duty Engineer (AirAsia)
  • Lead Engineer (SAE)
  • Duty Engineer (MHS)
  • Licence Aircraft Engineer (MAS)

Mr Khairul

Licence Aircraft Engineer for more than 12 years and aviation industries experience for 18 years. Start with Malaysian Airlines and now currently working with one of DCAM Part 145 AO (Line Certification Company) as Line Maintenance Manager in KLIA, Malaysia. Expertise in all aviation matters and customer relation as Aviation Consultant.


  • Maintenance Manager (Dviation Technics)
  • CAAM AO Post Holder (Dviation Technics)
  • Succesfully setup KUL, BKI, KTM station(Dviation Technics)
  • Aviation Technical Rep (RBR infinite)
  • Maintenance Controler (MAI)
  • Lead Engineer (MAI)
  • Lead Engineer (AirAsia)
  • Licence Aircraft Engineer (AirAsia)
  • Licence Aircraft Engineer (SAE)
  • Licence Aircraft Engineer (MHS)
  • Licence Aircraft Engineer (MAS)

Mr Amran

Have vast experience in aviation in various discipline especially in Engineering. Have also involved in Airline’s Flight Operations, Ground Handling, Cargo and Commercials.
He also responsible for aircraft acquisition – Purchase/Dry & Wet Lease (for PT Mandala Airlines, Myanmar Airways Internationals, Golden Myanmar Airlines, Ritz Air and few other start-up Airlines). This including aircraft search, negotiation with various lessors (including ILFC, Aercap, ACG, Mcquarie Air Finance, MCAP and others). He was key personnel for PT Mandala Airlines turnaround program in 2007-2009, Engineering Setup and AOC application for Myanmar Airways International 2009 and Setup (from scratch) of Golden Myanmar Airlines Public Company Limited. He have also involved in 3 IOSA certification audit preparation, Europe Flying Ban removal for Indonesian Carrier’s Audit by Irish Authority and have conducted several airlines assessment audit.


  • General Manager – CAMO (Malindo)
  • Engineering Director (GMA)
  • AOC Setup (GMA)
  • Chief of Engineering (MAI)
  • Deputy Technical Director (AirMandala)
  • Engineering Manager (FD Aviation)
  • Chief Engineer (Orion & Region Air)
  • Check Foreman (MAS)
  • Licenece Aircraft Engineer (MAS)